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Focus on the development and manufacturing of roller conveyor and rollers
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— From made in China to created in China —
Fujian Zhangzhou Duffy Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007. It is a company specializing in the production of loading and unloading equipment, intelligent logistics lines, roller expansion lines, and rollers. The company has been committed to developing new types of roller lines and rollers to meet the needs of various industries. At present, our products have been widely used in express delivery, daily necessities, power, agriculture, forestry, automotive, electronic equipment and other industries; the brand customers who have cooperated are : SF Group, China Post, Blue Moon, Tellhow Technology, Wen Group, ABB, Southeast Automotive, etc.
— What are the problems encountered at present —
/ Operator error rate is high, easy to cause huge losses
/ Physical labor work intensity, personnel turnover rate is large
/ The workshop is messy, there are various safety risks, very dangerous
/ Low labor efficiency, back-end operations and front-end production can not keep up
/ Waste production space and increase unnecessary costs
/ Manual labor is difficult to recruit people, high labor costs
— Help the manufacturing industry realize production automation —
— Focusing on the global market logistics transportation equipment manufacturer —
Equipment advantage
Improve service
Reliable supply
Easy to operate
With advanced CNC machining center, dynamic balancing machine, grinding machine and dozens of large machinery and equipment, the products cover the whole country, some products exported to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries
Free to provide you with high-quality roller customized solutions, products after factory, professional after-sales service personnel to track the quality of products and information, customer service 7*24 hours for your service
High production efficiency, timely delivery, widely used in express delivery, daily necessities, electric power, agriculture and forestry, automobile, electronic equipment and other industries
Duffy Machinery intelligent loading and unloading equipment can be operated quickly in simple mode. If the operation is wrong, the machine will stop automatically to avoid the risk of equipment damage
Service hotline
Specializing in the production of loading and unloading equipment, intelligent logistics dedicated line, roller expansion line, roller
Fujian Zhangzhou Duffy Machinery Co., LTD
— Focus on research and development, focus on optimization, focus on improving efficiency —
Complete service
Powerful service system, customized intelligent solutions for different users, if there is any problem, 24 hours immediate response
Rich case
Deep in the industry for many years, with hundreds of factories and electrical manufacturers successful cooperation, the industry praise is high, reliable
Quality control
Independent production, standardized production process and strict quality control system, products are tested by the third party, quality assurance
Innovative research and development
Innovative R & D team, with independent design and R & D capabilities, years of industry experience, dedicated research, industry reputation
— Focusing on the global market logistics transportation equipment manufacturer —
— Keep abreast of new news —
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Zhangzhou Duffy Machinery Co., Ltd.
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